SICREL (Limiters Remote Inspection and Control System)

SICREL is a system completely developed by MRC AUDIO, easy to use that allows to inspect noisy activities, remotely and in real time and, therefore, without displacements and at any time, optimizing the resources for a more effective and immediate control.

The SICREL system is based on the EQLimit limiters, which measure, limit and record the sound levels of the issuing location.

To visualize an activity, it is sufficient to have an Internet access point (from a computer, tablet or smartphone) and a personal password. Depending on the type of user level granted, it is possible to access different degrees of control: from the most basic that allows only to visualize an activity, to the most advanced, which allows, for example, to visualize the premises of other users of the same organization or change levels and time limits of limitation from the web.

In any case, in addition to the visualization in real time, it is possible to visualize the file of the premises, generate a historical graph of certain periods chosen by the user, generate reports in pdf format with complete installation data of the limiter and sonometry.

The data registered on the device are sent encrypted to a database on a secure server without intermediaries.

It is possible to send notifications of incidents to email addresses chosen by the user, to have information in real time and act faster.

The data relative to the sound pressure level measured can come from two different points of the premises, since the EQLimit has an optional second recording microphone.

To see the operating principles of the telematics platform, you can access the website www.sicrel .net , entering with Username: demo and Password: demo

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  • Visual presentation of the premises with geolocation in Google Maps and alerts on the initial screen
  • Real-time sonometry levels with simultaneous visualization of all measurements for comparison in graph (every 30sg.)
  • Possibility of generating historical graphs
  • PDF reports
  • Online storage of reference documents related to each location
  • Configurable email notices
  • Possibility of registering levels at two different points in the same premise
  • Possibility of WEB programming, to change levels and timetable remotely
  • Simple and intuitive